Midterm elections 2022 results

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2022 Election: Live Analysis and Results

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Where Polls Close At 10 p.m.

Polling places are closing in Montana, Nevada and Utah. Here are our forecasts for the key races in those states:

Our final forecasts for the 10 p.m. races

The final numbers from FiveThirtyEight’s forecast for competitive races in states where the last polls close at 10 p.m. Eastern

MT-01 6% 94% R+10.1
NV Sen. 49 51 R+0.2
NV-01 53 47 D+0.6
NV-03 62 38 D+1.6
NV-04 83 17 D+5.8
NV Gov. 39 61 R+1.7

Excludes races rated “Safely Democrat” or “Safely Republican” in our final Deluxe forecast.